State of the Map LATAM - Lima 2017

The Latin American OpenStreetMap Conference

November 29 - December 02

About the event

State of the Map Latam is the annual conference for all mappers and users of OpenStreetMap in Latin America. The first edition was held in Santiago de Chile in September 2015, the second edition was held in São Paulo in November 2016. The 2017 edition will be held in Lima from November 29 to December 2. Our programming includes talks, panels, workshops and mapping based on various topics related to OpenStreetMap.

As well as OSM mappers, we will have the participation of Open Data communities, Free Software and Open Source communities, students, researchers, geoinformation professionals, non-governmental organizations, companies, public institutions, etc.

Our conference has a code of conduct


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Faculty of Social Sciences
National University of San Marcos

The Faculty of Social Sciences is located in the University City between Univesitaria and Venezuela Avenues. The nearest entrance is the door Nº 3 of the campus located on Germán Amézaga Street. Accessibility in wheelchairs is regular.

Check Peru's visa policy.

How to participate


Invite your friends and spread the word!

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